About us

Urban Lifestyle Apparel

Bring Smiles * Be Comfortable * Build Confidence

Haybro Apparel is based out of Memphis, TN. We are an urban lifestyle apparel brand which focuses on bringing smiles to everyone our products come in contact with. We also want our customers to be comfortable in our apparel and represent the inspirational messages with confidence.

I remember a time when I was depressed and lonely. I was going through so much in my life dealing with financial issues, not knowing who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. Even though I almost took my own life, I remember those inspirational people who were always an encouragement to me in my darkest moments.

I'm such a positive person who loves to smile and laugh to where you wouldn't even know that I was struggling or going through something horrible. So I thought to myself that there has to be people out here other than myself to are struggling, going through depression, or just need a word of encouragement but didn't show it on the outside. 

So I thought to myself, I could create a brand that focuses on spreading positive messages on apparel. I realize that wearing my inspirational tees at airports, malls, and other public areas, people would glance their eyes at the messages of my shirt and give some type of reaction. Some even express to me how they resonate with the message and how cool the shirt/s are.


We love using our apparel to bring smiles to thousands of people around the USA.